ABE Paranormal
Our Process
Below we will take you through the
step by step process of an
investigation performed by ABE
Paranormal from beginning to end.
Request an investigation
If our findings produce evidence on any level of paranormal activity, we will discuss your options based on
your needs and what you would like to see happen next. A further investigation may be suggested or
depending on the scenario and your requests, we may have to contact other individuals who specialize in a
specific area of paranormal study.
Follow Up
Once you have requested an investigation by visiting our request an investigation page, by phone or
by standard
email, our case manager and/or a founder of ABE Paranormal will then contact you within
a reasonable time frame no more than 24hours.  As always, if it is an emergency, please state that in your
initial point of contact and we will get back to you immediately.  Any information obtained through your
application, phone or email will remain confidential.  The purpose of contact is to discuss the aspects of
your experiences, witnesses, activity, rooms where experiences occur, background of property/residence
or business etc...any pertinent information to the case will be discussed at this time. The case manager will
then go over our process with you and preferable set up a day and time of the investigation and  review
what your expectations are.  A confidentiality form will be filled out and adhered to according to your
request.  We will confirm the investigation date with you a day or two prior.  Any time between our
interview with you and the investigation will be dedicated to doing research on your case
The day of the investigation we will introduce you to our team, which will not contain more than 5 including
the founders. For smaller locations we will have fewer investigators and for larger investigations we do have
investigators on standby. During the investigation it is crucial to have as many people out of the home as
possible at the location. We ask if you can make arrangements for family members, children, pets etc... to be
either in a location where we know where they are, if they must remain at the location or removed entirely (this
would be the best scenario, if it is possible) however; we have and will work around it and do understand the
circumstances. It is extrememly important for our team to know who will be on the location and where they are
at all times, this makes our findings the most valid if evidence is captured, to be able to rule out normalities.
Below are the steps we take:
  • Set up our equipment and review with our members the rooms with the most activity and what we call
    hot spots (areas of claimed activity)
  • Lights Out
Collection of data
  • Debunking process - This is a process we perform on every investigation. Recreations will be
    attempted in areas of claimed activity to rule out normalities and will be recorded through-out the
  • EVP  - Voice recorders are set up in idle locations and also used by our investigators. EVP stands for
    Electronic Voice Phenomena which is used to capture voices we cannot hear during the investigation
  • Digital Cameras - Used for photography
  • Temperature Guages - We use these to measure temperature fluctuations
  • EMF Meters to measure the electro magnetic fields
  • Camcorder with night shot - Records video in the dark
  • 4 camera security system which records in 0 lux (complete darkness)
  • Document personal experiences
After the investigation, our team will review all of the data collected and prepare our findings for a
presentation of reveal to you. This process will take no longer than 7-10 days.
We will contact you when we are ready to present our findings to you and if there is any evidence captured,
you will also receive copies along with any data and information we uncover during our research. We feel
this will assist in substantiating your claims.
Reaserchers - Dave Jones & Colleen Casterlin