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Types of Haunts
Residual Haunt: These are basically impressions in time that have imprinted
themselves in the atmosphere of the place that's haunted. This type of haunt is much
like that of a video tape. It generally occurs at the same time and is the same scene
over and over. There will be no interaction for the spirits don't even see you or know
that you're there. Like a video tape, you watch the movie, rewind it, then watch it
again. Nothing in the movie ever changes; it is always the same thing.  Nothing you
say or do can change the movie. This is only a piece of time.

Intelligent Haunt: The spirit of a once living person, that for some reason did not
cross over at the moment of death. The Intelligent Haunt involves a spirit that can
interact with you and vice versa. However, the spirit cannot always be seen, for an
Intelligent haunt involves all of our senses, i.e. Smell, touch, sounds, and sight. You
could smell the perfume that the person once wore in the living years; a rush of cold
air as the spirit nears you; a strong feeling of someone watching you or in the room
with you; a slight touch on your shoulder by unseen hands; phantom voices and

Demonic Haunt: They are usually very easy to identify. A Demonic haunt has a few
key tell-tale signs to look for. The smell of rotting flesh or a strong sulfuric acid
odor; growling noises; and finally, physical contact including pushing, hitting, shoving
and scratching. The air will usually feel thick and may feel warmer. These spirits are
non-human and rare. The main goal is to break down a persons will and attempt a

Poltergeist Haunt: (German for "Noisy Ghost") This is a spirit or entity, usually
more malicious and destructive than the traditional ghost.  Another belief is that the
Poltergeist is a series of events that appear to be that of ghosts, but are generated
within the depths of the mind (Repressed psycho kinetic energy) of, usually a young
woman. These events are generated without the woman's awareness to what she is
doing. Some common activities to poltergeist include thumping, moving objects,
banging or object-throwing.
Ghost vs. Spirit

The theory and studies of Ghosts vs. Spirits over the years by scientists and paranormal investigators have determined they are not the same thing.
Many are not aware of this theory and use them both with the same definition. It is important for it to be known that a spirit is not the same thing as a
ghost based on research, studies and theories in this field.

A ghost is a residual energy of a person or animal. There is no life force left; a ghost simply plays the same scene over and over again. Usually, if a
person has performed a repetitious act for a long time, he, she or it will leave a psychic impression in that area. This imprint may stay in that area long
after the person or animal has moved or passed. A commonly known example of a ghost, also referred to as (residual - see
Residual Haunt under types
of haunts at the top of this page) can be found on battlegrounds such as Gettysburg.

A spirit is the actual presence, or soul, of an individual(s) who have remained in the material world after their physical body has died. There are many
different theories of why a spirit stays behind after death.

*The spirit does not realize his or her own death

*The spirit has unfinished business in the material world

*The spirit simply stays behind to say goodbye to a loved one - this is usually the shortest in duration of all encounters

*The spirit wishes to offer guidance to a loved one


Many investigators have different opinions of this anomaly. No one has the true answer as to what orbs are however; there are many theories.

For one example, It is believed  that orbs are balls of energy that are transferred from a source; batteries, power lines, static electricity etc. So a
spirit can manifest itself.

We believe much data needs to be collected and broken down to support the claim before we call it paranormal.

In our experiences, we have determined that most "orbs" are quite simply microscopic particles that cross the path of light from a camera flash or a light
from a video camera.  Examples are dust, bugs, lint, moisture droplets, pollen, insulation,etc.  Light will reflect off  of these items. However, we will not
dismiss any claims of orb activity unless we can recreate the orb or find a logical explanation.

Many people get offended if we are able to debunk what may be thought of as a "ghostly light". Please keep in mind, we are in this field to prove
paranormal activity or a haunting. If we are able to dismiss it, we will.  If the source is unknown or cannot be recreated, we will further investigate to make
a determination.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVPs are disembodied voices or sounds imprinted on audio recording devices and captured during paranormal investigations.

The practice of purposefully listening for disembodied voices to communicate with deceased loved ones originates in seances of the late nineteenth
century and early twentieth century. Many scientists have studied this phenomenon and have yet to figure it out. ABE Paranormal captures more evp's
than any other phenomenon and in our opinion is the easiest to catch when performing an investigation in a claimed haunted location. Every location we
investigate with claims do not always produce evp's however; if there is a presence and it wants to make itself known or at least has enough energy to
communicate audibly it can be and has been recorded.

EVP Classifications
These classifications are broken down based on clarity and quality. ABE Paranormal, unless other wise noted will only post class A and in some
cases class B on our website

(Class A)
A clear or distinct voice or sound that is accepted universally and understood by anyone who is listening to it. Class A does not require editing or

(Class B)
This is the most common class of evp and can be heard by most people; especially after being told what to listen for. These recordings may require
some editing or cleaning to pull out what is being said.

(Class C)
Sounds or voices that can barely be heard. They are usually indecipherable and unintelligible. Most paranormal investigators will not submit this
classification as evidence.

If you would like to hear some of the evp's that were captured by ABE Paranormal go to our
investigations page and click on the cases.

Ouija Boards
Ouija boards were invented back in the 1890’s as a tool for spirit communication. ABE Paranormal does not use the Ouija board and we do not
recommend it. There are many personal beliefs and theories that the Ouija Board is a portal to the darker side of spiritualism and if not used properly
can bring in evil spirits.

ABE Paranormal has not experimented with this theory and do not plan to, however; it is our belief that you should not use a Ouija board without doing
some research on the tool first.