ABE Paranormal
Below is a list of
equipment used by ABE
Paranormal in order to
collect data, capture
evidence, communicate
and prove the existence
of spirits.
K2 Meter/EMF Meter/TriField Meter:

These instruments were designed to detect electromagnetic
emissions from any source that produces electricity such as
microwaves, outlets, stereos, powerlines, televisions etc...
Paranormal Activity will usually register in the range of 3.0
millegauss and higher. After eliminating all outside power sources
you are probably detecting some sort of paranormal activity and a
spirit may indeed be manipulating the energy in a room to manifest.
Digital Thermometers:

Digital Thermometers are used to detect cold or even at times, hot
spots in an area. A base reading is recorded of the overall room
temperature. We use the thermometers to capture significant
temperature changes in an area which could determine paranormal
activity when untraced to a natural source.
Digital Voice Recorders:

Voice recorders are used to imprint (capture)  voices that we are
unable to hear at human voice range, otherwise known as EVP
(Electronic Voice Phenomena) EVP's are the most common
phenomena paranormal investigators are able to capture however;
ABE Paranormal has strict procedures when using this
instrument and disects the data very carefully, so there is no
question if a disembodied voice is captured.
Digital Video Recorder w/ Infared Cameras:

Used to record and capture video images in 0 lux (complete
darkness) using infared light. The visible human light spectrum is
limited, the infared spectrum enables us to pick up what cannot
be seen with the naked eye.
Sony Mini Cam w/Night Shot & Digital Camera:

mini cam with night shot, which is infared light is used by us
to record in areas in which we dont have our still IR cameras in

The d
igital camera is used to capture still images if we are
feeling temperature changes or emf fluctuations.
Plasma Globe:

This is a new instrument we are experimenting with. The plasma
globe will reflect any energy that comes in contact with the globe,
the plasma bolts of light will follow the path of touch on the bulb.
ABE Paranormal uses video to try to capture any manipulation on
the globe with no obvious human contact.
ABE Paranormal other than the devices listed also use:

  • flashlights with assorted spectrums of light
  • baby monitors to produce white noise which assist in capturing EVP's
  • tri-pods and cables which reach up to 100' in length
  • lap-tops
  • Props (balls, balloons, toys etc..) These are used as manipulation devices

We are always looking for new techniques and devices to assist us in assisting you to prove
paranormal activity can be documented. Any data collected which provides the possiblity of proof in
paranormal activity will be copied and given to you for your personal library.