Case 9 - Too Soon!
Alpha, NJ
Story/Details of the case:
In February 2006, a young man of 18years of age had his life tragically taken from him in an automobile
accident. Since his passing,, the family has experienced phenomena in the home that relates to his
schedule when he was alive.  The family also wonders if his grandmother still visits from time to time as
well. After experiencing so much grief in such a short period of time, they contacted us to try to vaildate
the claims of activity in the home. There have also been claims of earlier activity, very mild, but unexplained.

More details:
  • Home was built in the early 1900’s   
  • Lives in the old railroad homes that used to house employees
  • Activities in the home prior to the more recent deaths are: Footsteps, Holiday bells ringing – very
    minimal experiences however were unexplainable and also occurred in 2 different residences
Activity since the passing of loved ones
  • Picture in bedroom moved 2x
  • Computer room, a flash of light was seen
  • Hears the front door close approx 3x month at the curfew time
  • Footsteps on carpeted stairs a few times a month
  • Radio turns on in the kitchen
  • On occasion smells cigarette smoke (Son smoked)
  • Father is diabetic – pump acted up unexplained
  • Few months ago, they asked their son to move something in the house to let them know he is there. 2
    days later, found a bird statue from a cabinet on the window sill
  • A fisherman statue that has been in the house as long as they have been there was found with a fish
    tied around the pole – (April/May 08)
  • Unexplained flashes of light
  • Breakers have been off and an item will remain on
  • Dog stares and barks at nothing
  • The kitchen is the most active and the activity happens anywhere from daily down to 2x a week
Most recent activity
  • Footsteps
  • Father's insulin pump still acts up
  • Burning sensation near the bottom of moms tattoo (remembrance of her son)
  • Cold spots in the living room
  • 9/03/2008 at 5:00pm dad turned on the light, light went off and then back on
  • Dad always gets text messages from friends. He heard the sound as if he was receiving a message.
    Flipped open his phone, picture of his mom.  His mom died Feb, 2008. Picture is in his phone
    however; not set as a backpage or  screensaver. You have to physically go in and get the photo to
Investigation 9/05/2008
During the investigation we had a couple of personal experiences. In the computer room when we were
setting up the cameras, we heard something as if it were dropped. We couldnt find an object that may have
caused it however; no one was in the area of where the sound was heard. Another time in the night, we
were in the attic and clearly heard a breath however; when we went back to listen to the audio we were
unable to capture it on the recorder. After reviewing all of the video and audio, we were able to capture
many voices which can be heard below however; unable to capture any video evidence.
This EVP was captured in the bedroom of the
teenager who has passed. This recorder laid idle in
the room and we captured what sounds like a breath.
This EVP was captured in the same bedroom. In the beginning of
the audio clip you will hear a whisper (faint) ok. You will then hear
our investigator talking and at the end you will hear a louder "OK"
This EVP was captured again in the same bedroom. You will hear
our investigator ask another investigator, "Where are you going"
you will hear a mumble which is our investigator responding and then
what we believe to be hearing is "I'm Right Here"
This EVP was captured again in the same bedroom. You will hear
our investigator saying something about an evp and then we hear a
clear "Yes"
This EVP was captured in the living room. We are not sure what is
said but our suggestion is "Get it off the floor" If you have any
comments or suggestions please feel free to
contact us.
This EVP was captured in the kitchen, we believe it to be
saying "Help" right after that is just one of our investigators
starting to talk.
This EVP was also captured in the kitchen, we are not clear on
what it is saying, some suggestions have been Alan, Howard or
Calvin. Any suggestions please feel free to
contact us.
This EVP was captured in the dining room, we are not clear on
what it is saying and it is heard overtop of our investigator's
voice. It sounds as if it is saying "We Dont Want Them"
We were able to capture an abundance of audio evidence in this case and we feel
that a further investigation would yield more results and was suggested.