Case 8 - Lost Child
Washington, NJ
  • Grandson  from 3 - 6yrs of age prior to moving to another location with his mom, tells tenant (Grandmother)  that he
    has a friend by the name of Clevis and he is around the same age as him
  • Child states that Clevis’s mom protects him from the mean one. She only hangs out in the bathroom and hugs him
  • He tells his grandmother when they are in the car that she must buckle Clevis in and at lunch time he asks her to make
    Clevis lunch
  • Grandma asked her grandson to ask his friend Clevis for 4 numbers. She was going to play the lottery with them.
    She never played the numbers and the next day, the numbers hit
  • Tenants sister’s son has seen a little boy in the home
  • Tenant had a dog approx 3 years ago, the dog used to bark with hair raised in the kitchen at nothing
  • Tenant hears her name whispered in her ear one night while she was sleeping. She woke up and went into the
    bathroom. The tenant's normal pattern is sleeping through the night however; when she went to the bathroom she
    heard a noise in her bedroom, when she returned to her room every single ceiling tile in the room was on the floor
    with the exception of one that fits under the light fixture. She believes this whisper was attempting to remove her
    from the room to prevent her from being hurt
  • One night while laying in bed reading a book, the tenant felt taps on her shoulder that resembled a child. Another
    evening while standing behind her husband in their bedroom while they were both viewing the computer, she felt child
    like taps on her leg
  • Tenant's son who at the time was approx 23 saw a figure of a little boy peeking around the island in the kitchen
  • Tenant's son has two pets in his room. He came home one night and one of the toys the pets play with, which was
    not out, was laying on his bed and turned on. He shut it off and put it in a box where the other toys are kept. He
    went to take a shower, upon return, the toy was back on and under his bed
  • The son's girlfriend was in the bathroom and saw the shower curtain move as if it was being pushed out
  • Cellar door opened and slammed shut by itself. Drafts were not found after inspection
  • Husband of the tenant was in the basement and ran up after a few minutes. He stated a light he hung up and was
    hanging over a board just started swinging. back and forth on its own. No drafts were found
  • A man stopped by the house one day working on a family tree for a Whitmore family who used to live in the home.
    The man advised the tenant after questioning, that a Euphemia Whitmore died in the home along with her two
    children. Records have not been found yet to support this claim

Facts Found:
  • Property records state the home was built in 1920 however; further research in suggested
  • No records found as of yet on a Clevis
  • Records support the Whitmore family is buried in the Washington Cemetary. Plots were not found by tenant or
    ABE Paranormal researchers. Some of the stones are very old and un legible
  • Records support a Whitmore family living in Washington NJ (no address confirmed) in the mid 1800’s
  1. Euphemia Whitmore  1847-1907
  2. Samuel Whitmore 1841-1906
  3. William L. Whitmore 1850-1872
  4. Bernea Whitmore  ? - 1886
  5. Pearl & Earl Whitmore - Possibly still born No dates of birth or death have been confirmed

Investigation - 8/22/08

We arrived at the clients home about 8:15pm. We set up camera's in 2 bedrooms, the kitchen and one was placed the in
basement. Voice recorders were placed stationary. One in the tenants bedroom, one in the son's bedroom, one in the
basement and one was left in the attic. We started our investigation about 9:00pm.

There were no personal experiences throught out the evening by our investigators. The evening was rather quiet and calm
however; upon reviewing the data we captured a voice of what sounds like a young boy. The investigators in the room at the
time the voice was captured was Jim and Dave. We always introduce ourselves when we are doing our investigations. What
we believe the voice to be saying is "Can you hear me, Dave"

ABE Paranormal was unsucessful in finding any records to support a child that may have passed in the home or would be
attached to the property. We believe the activity lies dormant since the grandson no longer resides at this location. When
the grandson does visit to this day, he still tell Grandma that Clevis is there.

Further research is recommended to determine the child that seems to dwell in this location.  We believe the child may be
interacting with the grandson only. Advised the homeowners to stay in contact and keep a journel when the grandchild visits
of activity and stay in touch.

Bedroom where voice was captured