Case 7 - Stemies Place
Easton, PA

Stemies what used to be the Black Horse Tavern/Inn was built in 1783. The establishment is 225 years
old. Many stories have been told of the brutal murder here at Stemies and the claims of paranormal
activity that exists, told by  owners past and present as well as patrons.

Story has it that on July 22, 1928 Saverio Damiano was at the Black Horse Tavern talking on the phone
when 4 gangsters entered the tavern with shotguns and revolvers and began firing at Saverio. Saverio
aka… The Wop, stumbled down a flight of stairs leading to the basement while still being pumped with lead
as the gunmen followed behind him.  Saverio was able to drag himself through a room and into a hallway 20
feet from the stairs where he dropped face down. One gunman fired a single round into his back and said
“Well, I guess he’s had enough”. They say today that he is the resident ghost of the tavern who is seen,
felt and heard by many.

Doug Brill from the Express Times joined us on this investigation.  
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  • Former waitress (R.S.) stated that she was tapped on the shoulder when no one else was in the area
  • Maria (owner) has heard and seen the ladies room stall door move as if it were being pushed on
  • Maria, several patrons and employees have heard footsteps near the front end of the building
  • Maria has had loaves of bread move from one counter to another over night when no one was in the
  • A knife moved on its own from the top of a shelf in the kitchen to another table in the kitchen
  • A patron, saw a male apparition walk past him in the bar. He stepped out of his way for him to get
    through, the owner saw him move out of the way and asked him "what are you doing?" the patron
    replied he was moving out of the way to let that guy through, Al said "what guy" the patron looked
    and there was no one there. He argued up and down with the owner that there was a man there
  • Al (owner) chased a black dog into the basement. Al went to the basement to get the dog out of the
    building but could not locate the dog
  • Former owner, told Maria stories of how trays flew around the establishment on their own
  • Maria hears her name being called when no one is around, all the time
  • Maria's dog “freaks out” or refuses to enter the attic
  • A waitress and close friend of Al's was badly beaten. She passed in Al’s arms at her private
  • A patron who knew the waitress that passed claims that she sees her in her dreams and she tells the
    patron    “I’m back”
  • Owner states that the waitress who passed away in Al's arms felt very comfortable and at home at
    Stemie’s. both the owners and the waitress were close friends and even spent much of their off time
    socializing at Stemie’s. The owners feel that since she was there so much and how close they were
    that she may have returned here after her death

  • Gangster Saverio Damiano was killed inside the tavern. On July 22, 1928 at approximately 9 pm, he
    was shot multiple times with handguns and shotguns while talking on the phone to Sam Scalleat
  • Saverio was also known as:
1.        Johnny the Wop
2.        John Farrara
3.        Mike Ferrar
4.        John Dean
5.        Dago John

  • Anthony Tamburro aka “Jack Buckles” was charged in the murder of "The Wop"

Others Charged
  • Florano Morano, 28, of Philadelphia, aka “Diamond Tooth Lollie” aka “Patsy Moran”. Morano was
    charged as a suspect in The Wop’s murder

  • Joe Rizzo aka “Joe Palatino” aka “Joe the Babe” was charged in the murder
Stemies Place offers rooms for rent on the upper floors. This
evp captured was in room# 8 which is currently vacant.

Our investigator is entering the room, shuts the door behind him
which made the room completely dark. The investigator then says
"there we go, nice and creepy and shortly after that we get what
we belive is repeating the word "Creepy"

There is also another evp in this clip shortly after the "creepy" in
which we believe to be saying "Do it" and then a disembodied sigh
right after that.
In this photo where the investigator is standing, is the very spot
where "The Wop" layed in a pool of blood after being gunned

The evp that was captured in the basement still raises an eyebrow
to all of us. We dont know what it is saying however; there is
clearly something trying to communicate to us in this clip. Any
suggestions please feel free to
email us.
This is the room in which we smelled a very distinct aroma of coffee
as if it were just brewed which was untraced.

The hallway that the investigator is standing in is where an
apparation or shadow like figure has been seen on more than one
occasion. Throughout the evening we got high emf spikes in this
area that could not be traced.

In this audio clip we were trying to provoke any spirits to
communicate. We were asking if anyone was present to move the
chalk on the pool table for us because it was very light and should
be easy to move. We hear a clear whisper however; we are not sure
yet what it could mean. We are still trying to determine. We believe
we are hearing "Tommy"

8/13/08 Our team spoke with the owners to discuss who "Tommy"
could be. Turns out it was a tenant that rented one of the rooms
upstairs and claimed to both owners he always talked to a ghost.
Stemie's Place and the famous "Wop"
was also featured in
Weird NJ

ABE Paranormal investigated Stemies on July 30, 2008.
This was exactly 80 years and 8 days after the day of death
for "Johnny the Wop" The investigation was split up into 2

Group 1 started in the attic and group 2 started in the
basement. Throughout the evening things remained still and
quiet with minor unexplainable personal experiences.

One of our investigators had a personal experience in the
attic feeling a distinctive brush along her leg as if she was
being touched, high emf readings were documented in the
small bar area and in the game room a very strong smell of
coffee as if it were just brewed was untraced.

The investigation started about 8:00pm and ended at
Paranormal activity confirmed/Further investigation recommended to determine if it is haunted.
This is the small bar area where an aparation has been
seen. This is part of the original building.