Case 6 - Restless Soul
Phillipsburg, NJ
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Foot Steps
  • Gusts of cold air from no where
  • Shadows
  • Noises - unexplained
  • Faces in personal pictures

Story has it a man who resided in the apartment years ago was brutally murdered at a bar he frequented in
Phillipsburg NJ just down the street. His father was said to have passed of a heart attack the same day within hours
apart from one another. The present resident of the apartment says she feels a presence and believes it to be the
man who was killed. Her entire family left the home and stayed with a friend until our investigation.
  • Death records support both the tenant and father of the tenant did pass away as reported
  • Could not locate records to support the tenant lived in the exact apartment
A mini investigation was performed on 1/21/08 with a return full investigation on 1/26/08. We were able to trace a
high emf reading in the area the tenant was experiencing the feeling of being watched. We were unable to debunk the
foot steps or shadows. In the basement we were able to trace a possible area of where the cold drafts could be
coming from however; on the second floor we could not, which were the two areas of claimed activity. During the
investigation on the second floor in the middle of the hallway we experienced an emf field un-traced which topped at
42.9 at the same time we were running a voice recorder and asking questions. Normal electro magnetic range is
usually between .00 - 1.0
  • At the time we were experiencing the high emf readings which topped at 42.9 on the second floor in the
    hallway with no trace. You will hear our investigator ask clearly for what ever it was "Tell us who you are, give
    us your name" The response we believe says "Help Me"

  • EVP was captured in the kitchen area, we believe is saying "It's Sunday"which coincide with death records of
    the man that was killed on 2/24/2002. The creaking you will hear when you listen to this audio clip, is just
    our investigators walking around. 2/24/2002 was a Sunday.

  • In the basement an EVP was captured in which we belive was giving us a direct order to "Get Out" it is
    whispered over top of our investigator that is talking. There is another EVP at the end of this clip which
    sounds like "Horsham" Any opinions are suggested. Please feel free to email us with them.

  • Unable to recreate the sounds of footsteps or shadows
  • Faces analyzed by us were determined as matrixing and not paranormal
To date the clients moved out and are living with relatives. A further investigation was recommended to the
landlord and denied.

Paranormal activity confirmed, possibly Intelligent/Closed.