Case 5 - Republican Club
Wilson Borough, PA

Many stories have been told here at the Wilson Borough Republican Club by both staff & members.

The story is said that a gentleman by the name of Harry J Dew (photo above) lived in the apartment building two
stories above the Wilson Borough Republican Club which was built in 1925, with his wife Naomi Dew. In
December 1951 Harry J Dew a principal at Wilson Area High School died of a heart attack. Naomi his wife
after much grieving over the death of her husband was said to have turned the gas oven on in their shared apartment
one day and stuck her head in to take her own life for she just couldn’t handle the loss of Harry. Death records
support the date of death of Mrs. Naomi Dew was 5/8/1952. There have been many claims at the Republican
club to date. In the banquet hall above the club and below the apartment where Naomi Dew took her own life there
have been strange occurrences which have been heard, seen or witnessed by waitresses, bartenders, owners & club
members. Staff members have performed Ouija board experiments in the past to discover names like, Rotary
Club and children group names which were revealed only through the experiments. Later through research
discovered a group who used to gather in the banquet room was called the Rotary Club however; were never able
to explain the children’s group name. A psychic went up to the banquet hall to investigate the claims and it is said
she broke out in hives and felt a heaviness in the dining area before the entrance of the kitchen. She states this
area is most active.

Claims that have been reported coming from the banquet hall:
  • Banging noises
  • Lights turning on by themselves
  • Jukebox turning on by itself - unplugged
  • Snake like forms in the background of pictures taken at functions held here
  • Customers from below in the club will ask if there is a party or a bowling alley upstairs to staff members that
    are working because they feel the vibrations, hear music and running around. Staff members at times would
    go up to investigate the possibility of a break in because there are no events scheduled and when they enter
    the room it is empty.
During the investigation we didn't have any personal experiences. We heard a-lot of banging noises and running
around from the apartment above us which is currently occupied.
  • All of the noise we were getting from the upstairs apartment was determined to be not what the club
    members were hearing from the base floor.
  • We couldn't replicate snake like figures in our pictures taken. Without seeing the photos we are suggesting
    it is possibly caused by the shutter speed.
  • We could not recreate the jukebox turning on by itself or the lights
  • Voice recorder was left mobile and alone in the storage closet. Upon review we captured sounds of
    unexplained gusts of wind however; during the reveal with the client we re-inspected the room and found there
    to be a window opened a small crack. The evening of the investigation, the night was still but we chose to
    throw it out due to possible contamination. The other EVP captured appears to be pages shuffling or cards
    shuffling with no wind accompanying it. Note: the Rotary Club used to play cards here during their meetings
    and this could not be debunked by our group.

Update - 6/28/2008:
Visit the closet yet again to try and debunk EVP's captured. We were able to determine the gust of wind noises.
When standing alone in the room yesterday, we heard the gust of wind coming directly from the Carrier AC unit.
The paper shuffling we can not figure out to this day. No explanation and nothing even in the room to duplicate
the sound?

Inconclusive/Further Investigation Is Suggested
Papers shuffling?
Closet where EVP was captured!
Harry J Dew