Case 4 - The Neighbor
Easton, PA
  • Shadows
  • Foot Steps
  • Banging noises on the wall where there is no connecting home
  • Full body apparition of a woman in period clothing
  • Smell of flowers in the kitchen
  • Talking/Conversations
  • Mattress pushed from underside
  • Neighbor who lived on the first floor of the apartment building passed away
  • A Native American Ceremony was performed in the back yard for the tenant
  • Built in 1900. At time of investigation the property was 107 years old
December - 2007 - Arrived around 9:00pm and set up all equipment on 2nd and 3rd floors.
Immediately into the investigation we heard a bang from the 3rd floor bedroom. 2nd floor living
room area reported high emf readings. Finished investigation at approximately 2:00am
  • Investigated the bang noise on 3rd floor. Nothing was out of place, we could not recreate.
    The tenant owned a cat however; when we had the cat jump off of the bed the noise was too
    low. Could not determine
  • High EMF readings were caused by power line attached to the outside of the home
  • Our entire team heard voices and conversations clearly through the walls from the street,
    which were pedestrians

No evidence was captured on this case. We didn't witness the smell of flowers, couldn't get the
mattress to move, hear footsteps from area of claim or see any shadows or apparitions during
the evening or on camera however; we could not debunk the mattress, the aroma of flowers, the
footsteps or shadow figures.

Inconclusive/Further Investigation Is Suggested