Case 3 - Cozmo's
Stockertown, Pa
Claims - Legends differ on the details, but the gist of the tale is Marvin a former resident was spurned by a woman
he fell in love with at the saloon and committed suicide. His ghost is said to be still roaming the former inn

  • Disembodied voices
  • Black shadows seen in multiple locations throughout the restaurant    
  • White shadow seen in the bar area
  • Waitresses working in the restaurant have had mysterious blotches of blood in the shoulder area of their
  • Door handle that leads to the basement moving
  • Papers in the attic vigorously moving when an employee entered the room
  • Built in 1845
  • Was a stage coach stop/Inn/Restaurant
  • 1900 US census records stated that Marvin Hoff was living at the hotel with his mother Susan an assistant
  • Upstairs served as a brothel in the earlier days then a boarding house and more recently it is used as storage
October - 2007 - Investigated all floors from the attic to the basement from 11:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. Throughout
our investigation, our team members had a few personal experiences but we were able to determine reasonable
Evidence/Reveal - Several EVP's were captured during the review. Voices were captured during the time
investigators were taking a break in a banquet room and in a downstairs dining area.

  • Disembodied voice repeated the word "glass" when an investigator was speaking about the claims of glasses
    moving on their own.
  • Voice repeating our email password. Investigators were discussing our email account and the password to
    access it. (Due to the confidentiality of this content, unfortunately we cannot add.)
  • Voice saying "yes" on two separate occurrences when an investigator asked if "Marvin" knew a member of our
    former group.

The EVP's captured evidence of an intelligent haunt.

Paranormal Activity Confirmed-Case Closed
This evp was captured when we were all taking a break. One
of our investigators ask's if the spirit know's someone and
we get a clear delayed response of "Yes"
This evp was captured at the same time we were taking a
break, the same question was asked with the same response
of "Yes" only it was instantly answered
This evp was captured in the dining room area. You will hear
a woman investigator talking about a glass. Seconds after
we got a whisper of what we think is repeating the word
This evp was captured in the upstairs, what used to be a
bedroom. You will hear a woman investigator asking another
investigator "which room were you in"and we received a clear
response of "Here" This particular evp was analyzed by
Haunted Voices for ABE Paranormal and confirmed to be
authentic. It was captured at 421hz and climbed to 1100 hz
which is very high for human voice range