Case - 22  Secret Guardian
Salford  PA
Details of the case:
We were contacted back in the fall of 2012 to get our opinion on some activity that was happening
to a family in the home that they were renting.  After talking to the family we suggested an
investigation, but because the activity appeared to stop, the investigation was put on hold.
Suddenly in the fall of 2013 the activity started again but this time it happened more frequently so
we were contacted again. This time we were told that the family thought it might have been
"George" the gentleman that rented the house before them. They have been told that he wasn't
seen much and spent most of his time in the basement. So we began to look for George's obituary
for some insight. Once we found his obituary we found out that "George" was born on October
27th and died on October 30th and was buried on November 4th.  So we felt that "George" liked
this time of year to be active again.
Claims of activity:
* "Shadow man" seen by father through out the home.
* Loud noises like a balloon hitting the ceiling fan above their heads while sitting in the living room.
* Baby bottle thrown out of kitchen cabinets 3 times in a row after being asked to do it again after
2nd time.
* Feelings of being watched in the basement. The home owner keeps being drawn to a small room in
the "main" part of the basement.
* Red light in color appeared in bedroom
*  Young child wakes up screaming in middle of the night talking about the "Shadow man" watching.
*  Father feels like he is strongly being drawn to the spirit in the home.
Investigation date:
* November 2, 2013
Weather conditions:
* Normal fall day with normal temperatures.
Personal experiences:
* During an EVP session in the bedroom the homeowner felt like he was touched.
* Some high EMF spikes in the basement but most can be explained by normal appliances like
Evidence captured:
During our EVP session in the bedroom the home owner felt like he was touched and ran out to the
living room. Below is what we heard during review,. we hear " Phil come" as if he was being called to
go somewhere.
In this clip we captured the spirit taunting the homeowner by saying negative things to him. We hear
                                                                "Your face is stupid"
More taunting by the spirits, we hear
"You disgust me" towards the end of this clip
After hearing these taunts by the spirits we talked to the homeowners about what we found and
where told that they where having some personal issues and together were working them out.  We
feel that the spirits want this family to be happy and are watching over them.  Which they told us in
the EVP below.  We hear.....                   

" Thats right"
The family is happy with our findings and are currently working things out and that the activity has
once again gone away.  The children have told them that....
"The shadow man must have went on vacation".