Case 20- Catch me if you can
Reigelsville PA
Story/Details of the case:
An older home which was built in 1915 and at one time was used as a antique restoration shop was
purchased.  Shortly after moving in, the owner started to have experiences and claims of activity that
started to grow as renovations began.  Friends of the owner soon moved in to help with the
renovations and the chores of updating an older home.  They too started to experience their own
activity. With having a young daughter in the house ABE Paranormal was contacted to see what, if
anything we could find.
Investigation date:
August 19, 2011  the investigation night was calm and comfortable in
It rained very hard for a few days before the investigation.
Claims of activity:
*A shadow man in a brimmed hat was seen in the basement doorway  from the laundry area.
*Daughters bedroom door slammed shut while only one person was home.
* Celling light in daughters room flashed on and off while parents were getting settled in for the night.
*Loud footsteps in the daughters bedroom and near by areas.
*The sounds of faint child laughter.
Investigation details:
We arrived around 8:30pm and began setting up our equiptment placing  IR cameras in the basement ,
daughters room, laundry area, and the parents bedroom facing the daughters room door which
slammed shut on it own. Voice recorders were placed in the daughters room , basement , and the
parents bedroom. We then began to investigate with 2 investigators in the daughters room and 2
investigators in the basement.
Personal Experiences:
While investigating in the basement the owner said that they just wanted the spirit to just show
themselves. Right after that there was a loud bump which we caught on our recorder.
As we continued to investigate the basement we kept hearing loud thumps and footsteps from above.
The thump  at the beginning is not us, the footsteps heard in this clip is one of our investigators.
Halfway through the night we decided to take a break outside and let the recorders run while no one
was in the house,  just to see if the spirits would reveal themselves without us around. Below is what
we believe to be a voice that our recorder caught in the daughters room which was on the otherside
of where we were. The voice is around 3 seconds into the clip. We believe it to be say "Mommy".
                      You may need to turn up the volume on you speakers, but it is there.
Other  evidence:
While reviewing the DVR recordings nothing was found on cameras.
EMF levels were normal throughout the house.
No temperature changes were felt through out the night.
ABE Paranormal feels that there is activity in this home, but because we didn't capture conclusive
evidence this home is not haunted. We would however like to return in the future to see if we could
capture further evidence.