Case 2 - Visit From Grandparents
  • 3 year old child tells parents he sees grandma/grandpa. They tell him stories at night time. Child also told
    parents things the grandparents said in which the child would not have known previously however; the facts were
    confirmed by the parents. The child states seeing lights from his closet before the visits, and when parents ask
    "who are you seeing?" the child points to picture of deceased grandparents hung on the wall

  • Unexplained missing picture from bookcase in basement showed up in the living room on the 1st floor face
    down. The dryer in basement stopping during cycles 2 times on 2 different days, when inspected they found
    bird feathers. Bird feathers also found in vehicle. Lullaby heard in baby monitor while the children were
    sleeping and parents were in bed

  • Mother feels there is a presence in the infants room at night

  • Unexplained light anomalies seen by 3 year old
  • Grandparents were the previous owners of the home
  • Grandmother was a bird watcher and collected bird feathers on nature walks
  • Renovations to the home at the same time the activity reports came in
  • Grandparents adored grand and great grandchildren. While alive they told them stories and sang them songs
  • EVP of a woman humming a song

No other evidence was captured. This case is still open and undetermined at this time. Today the homeowners
state that the activity has subsided however; they still have occurrences from time to time.

Inconclusive/Case still open
August - 2007 - Set up all equipment and placed a voice recorder in the 3 year old child's bedroom. During the
investigation there were no personal experiences and nothing out of the ordinary was observed.
Palmer Township, Pa
In this audio clip, we left a voice recorder in the
bedroom idle of the young boy. When reviewing the
recorder, this was captured. Keep in mind the only
other person present in this room was the 3 year old
boy who was sleeping.