Case -19 Shippen Manor
Oxford, NJ
When the Manor was built in 1754, it was designed to be functional rather than luxurious The Manor is Georgian in
style, constructed from local stone, two foot thick stone walls, and three immense chimneys. The ground floor
consisted of six rooms. Upstairs there were two bed chambers and four garret rooms. The Manor was built by
William Shippen II and his brother Joseph Shippen II.
Shippen Manor, an 18th. century iron master's residence associated with the
operation of the Oxford Furnace:
In the early 1760's Joseph w. Shippen was installed by his father, William II, to manage the property. He
secured the services of a local farm girl by the name of Martha Axford as "housekeeper". During their period
of "housekeeping", they had seven children. To date no evidence has been found of a marriage taking place.
Joseph W. died without a will, in 1795 his father, William II, came to live in the Manor to "administer his son's
estate and oversee furnace operations." William is said to have grown fond of his grandchildren in spite of his
disapproval of Joseph W. and Martha's  relationship and provided for all his grandchildren in his will. William II
owned the Manor until his death, in 1801, in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

* Note* : This history was taken from :
After we arrived along with NJPIT, we were given a tour by Andrew Drysdale the curator of
the manor. He told us all of the history as well as  claims of activity such as a figure in period
clothing that was seen on the steps leading to the second floor. Another time hearing the main
back door open and close while he was alone in the manor. (this door only opens from the
inside).  After talking with Andy,  ABE Paranormal and NJPIT setup  equipment including  
our IR cameras and digital voice recorders. ABE Paranormal then started investigating in the
basement and NJPIT started on the third floor. (Please click here to see the
NJPIT website
for their findings)
While setting up, Jim placed a digital recorder on a desk in the study. Below is what we found
while listening back to what was recorded in that room. Neither group entered that room during
the night.
"We sleep"
"Get out"
"Bring back"
While asking questions about a little boy in the basement kitchen and eating area, Carla
caught a strange sound. Listen closely and you will hear something towards the end that
sounds like a child singing " La, La, La, La,  La,"
After investigating ABE Paranormal believes there is some activity in the Manor and would
love to return in the future.

We would also like to give a special thank you to Andrew Drysdale for his enthusiasm,
knowledge, and hospitality.