Case 18 - Cashtown Inn
Gettysburg, PA
Cashtown Inn history :
  • The Cashtown Inn, was originally called the Cashtown Hotel. It was named this because the owner,
    Peter Mark, would only accept cash as payment for its rooms and services. The property was
    bought in 1797 and served as inn and tollhouse. During the civil war the Cashtown Inn was used as a
    hospital for the Confederate Army. It has been rumored that the spring that runs through the
    basement ran red with blood from all the operations that took place there. There were high ranking
    Generals that had also used the services of the inn during the war.

Claims of Activity
       * Hearing the sound of boots walking on hardwood floors
       * Apparition of a female child playing in the second floor landing
       * Pictures physically being turned and moved
       * Civil war soldiers seen standing in the inn
       * The owners and some of their employees have felt like someone was rushing past them while they    
          are working in the tavern.

Investigation Details
         September 12,13,14, 2010

Personal Experiences
        A Cell phone was placed on the table in the A.P.Hill room by one of our investigators while we         
where setting up. When she was putting away the charger for the phone, she heard a thump, turned and saw
the phone was now on the floor.  (This was the table that TAPS had video of a picture turning on its

       Sounds of  many people talking in the empty bedroom behind ours. Loud enough to wake us at 3am.
       These sounds where not caught by any of our audio recorders.

Video Evidence
      Still under review (We will update as review is completed)

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)  (We are still in review of the audio we will update as needed)
We hear "clock Teena"

"Clock Teena" reversed, We hear "I need help"

Investigator asks if anyone is in the room right now. We hear a distinctive "Yes"

We aren't sure what this says but found it odd. Let us know what you think it says.

This is another that we can't understand but it sticks out as odd. Let us know what you think it says.

EMF Readings
Thermal Readings
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations
ABE Paranormal feels there is activity  at the Cashtown in and would love to return in the future to do
further investigating.