Case 14 -  Unidentified Employee
South Whitehall, PA
Story/Details of the case:
ABE Paranormal was called in to this business because most who work in this building have seen a full male figured  man
with wavy brown hair & dark clothing  through out the office however; he was not one of the co-workers and when inspected,
not found in the areas he was seen. Figure was seen in and out of offices and hallways repeatedly.

Claims of Activity    
  • Figure seen walking  down hallways during business hours or early evening by co-workers and clients.
  • Figure stood 5'9" to 5'10"
  • Office employees would enter through front door and would catch sightings of a person walking from one room to
    another, even though they were the first one to open up the building.
  • Most employees have had an experience or encounter with the figure.

Investigation Date
Personal Experiences

Video Evidence
Due to the frequency and witnessess of all claims, the team left the camera's run overnight. After reviewing all of the data
collected  we captured a recording of an abnormal flash in one of our cameras that was shooting down the hallway. We were
sitting in the room positioned  across from where the flash came from and our investigators did not see or comment on the
flash which was in direct  view and no one was taking photos at the time.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EMF Readings.
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations    
Other than the unexplained light anomoly captured on video,  no further evidence was found to make a determination at this
time.  Client was advised to stay in touch and keep a journel of future activity.

Follow Up
Spoke with the client in late August, 2009. There has been no further activity reported by any of the employees since our