Case 13 - Evil Smile
Bethlehem, PA
Story/Details of the case:
Apartment building built in the 1920's currently being renovated on the first floor however; the clients
have experienced things they cannot explain on the second and 3rd floor of their apartment. Tenants did
have a sensitive visit the property and confirm an angry sprit of an old woman and she had the place saged.

Claims of Activity
* Dark shadows sitting on the edge of the bed and all that was visible was a deep white smile.
* Tenants hair being pulled
* Hearing the closet door closing and a voice asking "Where is it ______" (Tenants name fills in the blank)
* Running footsteps in the hallway of bedroom and living room
*Feels cold spots in the bedroom and their own energy levels are drained
*One of the tenants experienced something grabbing her chest from inside while laying in bed. Couldnt
* Tenant being poked or jabbed in the back
* Tenants cat stares into the hallway and growls
* Hears the voice of an older woman (raspy tone) who seems angry
* Old woman also visits the tenant in her dreams
* Tenants leg being grabbed

Investigation Date
April 4th, 2009

Personal Experiences
Squirrels in the attic which the tenants were aware of, were extremely noisy through out the evening.

Video Evidence

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EMF Readings

Thermal Readings
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations

Further investigation is suggested if further experiences occur. Holistic adviser and member of our team
to follow up with tenant and tenant was advised to contact us back if further assistance was needed.
ABE Paranormal does not feel as though this is a haunted location.