Case 12 - Little Foot Steps from the 1800?
Trexlertown, PA
Story/Details of the case:
The family purchased this home in 2004. A beautiful old farmhouse/colonial with much history. The home
was built in 1816, ahhh if only our walls could talk. The owners of the home have had many occurances
throughout the years however; being extremly skeptical, always found logical reasons for the occurances
until one night with no explanation to what they just experienced, it prompted the call to ABE
Paranormal. This time there was absolutely no explanation for what they just heard and needed to get
some answers.

Claims of Activity
*Shadow figure moving in the dining room area into the kitchen
*Closet door in upstairs hallway opened by  itself
*Family dog is uneasy and barks for no reason at a corner in a spare bedroom
*Sounds of someone pushing a mop or sweeping the floor and bumping into the baseboards
*Loud bang coming from the mud room in the middle of the night
*Sounds of what appears to be marbles rolling on the floor in the upstairs hallway in the middle of night
*While lying in bed, one of the homeowners looked over and saw what she thought was a child standing in
the doorway. (The homeowners have no children)
*The call that prompted the homeowners to call us was this...they were both sitting in the living room and
heard and felt the virbrations of little footsteps running right behind them. They have a dog who was laying
down right in front of them and lifted his head to see what it was as well. Nothing could explain what they
had just experienced.

Investigation Date

Personal Experiences
1 - The only personal experience two of our members had was when we were doing the initial interview and
taking a tour of the home. We were in the spare bedroom upstairs and the family dog was growling and
barking at an empty corner which is one of the homeowners claims.

Video Evidence

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EMF Readings
0 - Homeowners did alot of remodeling in this home and his own electical wiring. The rooms were all well
grounded with no fluctuations in the EMF readings, they were all normal.

Thermal Readings
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations

Undetermined at this time. Second investigation was suggested