Case 11 - Stemies (Part II)
Easton, PA
We will try to describe this video clip as best we can for you. This video has been looped
continuously so you can view the light anomoly and both camera's at the same time frame.
This video is raw and it is un-edited.

The time frames on both clips run from 22:04:13 to 22:04:18. Camera 1 is recording the bar
and camera 3 is recording in the pool room.

The doorway you see in camera 3 (pool room) leads into the bar and everthing you see on
the other side of the doorway on the right in camera 3 is what you see in direct view of
camera 1 (bar) back corner.

Camera 1 (bar) there is a oval object with a light on the top of it and you can see that same
object from camera 3 (pool room)

At 22:04:17 there is a flash of light in camera 3(pool room) which lights up the entire corner
of the bar however; the bar camera at the same time 22:04:17 does not pick up this flash of
light which is the very same corner looking straight on.

We have already determined that this is not camera flash.
  1. None of our investigators were present at this time. We were still setting up for the          
  2. If it was a camera flash, you would pick it up on both camera's and more reflection.

We are unable to determine where this light source came from and after much deliberation,
decided to put it out here for you. We cant explain it!

We had this video analyzed by investigators with over 20 years experience and they too
cannot explain it. Is it Paranormal, we will leave that up to you?
In this audio clip there were a male
and female investigator present. Our
female investigator was talking and at
the end of the clip in the background
we hear what we think is saying "Help"
in another female tone. This clip was
captured in room #8
In this audio clip there were yet again
a male and female investigator
present. Our female investigator was
asking if there was anyone present to
feel free to speak to us and right after
she states this, we hear what we
believe to be a response from a male
whispering "No" This was captured in
room #8
As always, we value and welcome all opinions, please feel free to email us.

For details/history or facts about the Stemies case. See
Case #7
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