Case 10 - Bump in the night
Bethlehem Township, PA
Story/Details of the case:
This family moved into their rented home in March 2008. Everything was great and they were enjoying
their home very much. In late September the clients contacted us to assist them with activity in the home
that was unexplainable and disrupting their lives. They were seeing white and black shadows, their dog
would bark at nothing in the middle of a hallway, many objects were moved or misplaced on a daily basis,
unexplained banging noises, doors opening and closing on their own. The entire family has witnessed with
their own eyes on 3 different occasions, a couch in the basement slide across the floor when no one was
near it.

Investigation Details
ABE Paranormal performed 3 investigations for this family.
10/1/08 - Investigation 1
10/17/08 - Investigation 2
11/15/08 - Investigation 3
This is unusual however; we were unable to experience what the tenants were experiencing and our clients
were extremely concerned for not only their safety but the safety of their children. We have to admit this
case had us stumped and we did all we could to assist.

Claims of Activity
Objects moved or misplaced
Couch moved on three separate occasions and witnessed by all family members
Shadows/Full body apparition of a man
Loud banging noises through out
Doors open and close: Refrigerator/Closet/Bedroom
Daughter interacting with a child spirit
Canine reacts to some of the claimed activity
Two possible grave markings in the back yard, no documents found to determine fact

Personal Experiences

Video Evidence

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
1 Basement – (Class B) - In this EVP all 4 of our investigators were in the basement, we were re-
creating normal patterns the family followed. Every now and then they would have friends over to play
poker in the basement. So our team played a few rounds. You will hear one of our investigators explaining
to another investigator how to play. The voice we captured appears to be saying "Wheres the beer at?"

EMF Readings
The common wall between the kitchen and living room were at extremely high levels, only when the kitchen
light is turned on and the levels were off the charts. When the lights were turned off the levels dropped
significantly to normal levels. It was suggested that the family  bring in an electrician.  

High EMF readings can cause the following:
•        Skin Irritation
•        Nausea
•        Paranoia (Feeling of being watched)
•        Headaches
•        Hallucinations

Thermal Readings
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations

Not Haunted

Based on the claims of activity we categorized this case as a poltergeist type haunt. A majority of cases
in poltergeist activity seem to revolve around one individual or “Agent” as they are called. The
phenomenon seems to be linked to a type of subconscious psychokinesis (PK) on the part of the
individual. The studies have discovered that most of the poltergeist agents are females under 20 and are
totally unaware that they are involuntarily directing the poltergeist energy. In this case we didnt feel this
would apply because the tenants are in their late 20's and the threory didnt meet the statistics in age
however; poltergeist activities researched in the form of investigations have uncovered a link between the
agents and states of poor mental or physical health, emotional problems, associated with individual
personalities are anxiety, hysteria, anger, obsessions, phobias and schizophrenia. In some cases with
psychological help to relieve the emotional tensions the poltergeist energies can diminish and disappear.

There are theories that poltergeist are mass forms of PK energy that a living person is unknowingly
controlling and can be triggered by a living person’s trauma in any location at any time. Activities build up
over time to a climax and then start over. The energies can travel anywhere with anyone so moving, if this is
PK, will not stop the activity.  It may seem that most of the activity doesn’t happen unless the individual
who is experiencing this phenomenon is present and the activity in most cases will stop when that person
leaves the home. Everyone in the home can experience what the agent is experiencing however; it is usually
centered on one person. This person can be highly stressed in a short time frame or has gone through
some type of extreme emotional situation. Again the activity will subside if PK is present and treatment is
suggested and followed.

Our professional opinion based on the tenants personal information we were comfortable in educating
this family on the possibility that PK may be present however; we recommend further evaluation from a
professional to support this theory.  Basing this investigation on the data collected and theories in this
field, we believe there is a possibility that the grounds may indeed hold some spirit activity and those
energies could be present at times however; there is no physical evidence captured by ABE Paranormal
to back up this theory therefore; our determination without evidence is this location is not haunted.