Case 1 - Shadow on the Stairs  
  • Shadows
  • Foot Steps
  • Bed Movement
July - 2007 - Our team set up our equipment in all rooms of claimed activity. We performed a full investigation using
all of our equipment. We didn't have any personal experiences and the night was very calm and quiet. Investigated 6
hours from 8:00pm to 2:00am
  • No previous claims of paranormal activity in the home
  • Antique Collector
  • Very close with grandfather who passed away, did not live in the same location
  • Significant other in the home had the same experiences on separate occasions
  • We were able to recreate the shadow activity and made suggestions
  • Able to recreate bed movement
  • Unable to recreate the sounds of footsteps

We didn't have any personal experiences and even though we were able to
debunk most of the claims, we advised the client after our suggestions to call us
if the activity persists or decreases.

To date the homeowner took our advise made changes necessary and there are
no additional claims of paranormal activity.

Not Haunted/Closed.
Wilson Borough, PA