ABE Paranormal
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ABE Paranormal
About Us
We are a paranormal research team in Pennsylvania based out of the Lehigh Valley. We are
professional and considerate of your claims and take them very seriously. Our approach is more
on the skeptical side by collecting data scientifically and debunking. We strive to get you the
proof and/or answers necessary to make you comfortable in your home or business.
Brief Resume
To date, we have investigated properties, both private residences and Businesses
combined. We have gained our experience through previous paranormal groups,
personal experiences and education. In addition, we co-founded another
paranormal group currently still operating in the Lehigh Valley. We left to form
ABE Paranormal
Meet The Team
James Siegfried

Jim is a Police Officer both full and part time. He is a father, a step father and husband. Jim has had
an interest and has been learning about paranormal phenomena since childhood. Jim brings his
analytical and skeptical professionalism in his line of business into this field and the
investigating/debunking process is his specialty. Jim has been a paranormal investigator for over 3
Founder/Tech Manager
Founder/Case Manager
Carla Siegfried

Carla is a full time HR/Payroll Administrator by day. She is a mother, a step mother and wife.
Her skills and experience in her daily profession assists with the paranormal field in the
understanding of confidentiality, sincerity & leadership. She too is a skeptic. Close family
members and their paranormal experiences are what bring her interests to this field of the unknown
since childhood. Carla has been a paranormal investigator for over 3 years.
Colleen Casterlin

Colleen works full time as an AP Representative. She is a mother and wife. Colleen has been a
paranormal investigator for over two years now. She is the sister of the founder Carla Siegfried
and she too has been interested in the paranormal since childhood.
Dave Jones

Dave is a full time warehouse supervisor and husband. He has experienced and lived with
paranormal activity since childhood. As a hobby, Dave has been researching the history of our
local area for many years. His interest in the paranormal and historical research is a key ingredient
for all cases.
Sensitive/Holistic Education - Investigator
Jesse Eichelbaum

Jesse has been an EMT for many years and is knowledgeable in human anatomy, medical
conditions and advanced medical care. He has had paranormal experiences off and on and is
currently developing his sensitive skills after receiving many signs that he may have inherited this
special gift.  Jesse is consulting with and training in the field of holistic and occult sciences which
assists our team and clients in areas of special needs outside of the typical paranormal
ABE Paranormal understands the
importance of confidentiality. We
respect your concerns and take
whatever precautions necessary.
We will provide you with as much
information as possible so you are
100% comfortable with us.

It is not easy to allow strangers
into your home and we will make
whatever arrangements necessary
to fit your comfort zone and

Take the first step and let us do
the rest for you. We are here to
assist you with getting the answers
you seek and to help you be as
comfortable as possible in your

ABE Paranormal will provide
references upon request.
Jim & Carla with Steve Gonsalves from TAPS

Along with personal cases Jim and I have been on, we also joined TAPS
on a retreat to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, June of 2007.
The experiences and insights into the paranormal field we learned on this
retreat, were added to our methods of investigating.

ABE Paranormal are not members of the TAPS family and are no way
affiliated with TAPS. However; we watch, learn and respect their manner
of investigating and apply some of their techniques and methods to our
own in each and every case.
ABE Paranormal is not accepting applications for
new members at this time. We will update as needed.
Thank you for your interest