The Farmhouse - Full Moon
Lehigh Valley, PA
For the overnight investigation before we left the
house at approximately 9pm we placed a balloon in
the middle of the stair case. Understand after
watching the entire 13 hours of video and a balloon
dancing around the entire evening what we captured
here we have absolutley no explanation for. The
front door positioned on the left side of the
screen blew open that evening because of a storm
that night and the door was not latched properly.
The balloon after a solid 13 hours of movement
plasters itself against the wall for an entire two
minutes from 5:11am to 5:13am  before being
released. Again the house is vacant and no one was
present in the building at this time. If anyone can
assist us in an explanation we would be happy to
hear them. Notice the cords and the front door
were still moving along with the string on the balloon
while the balloon remained in one spot on the wall.
This room is upstairs in the back portion of the
house...again the entire 13 hours of video there was
absolutely no movement or strange anomolies.
Keep in mind again that this house is vacant and is
being renovated. There is no heat source and it
was in the middle of winter so there were no
windows open in the house.  Due to the size of file
and space it would take up we are only showing you
a clip that is about 2 minutes long however; this mist
appeared in this room starting at 4:30am till the time
it dissapears which was 5:05am.  This is only a
portion of what was actually captured. As always
your comments or suggestions are welcome.
Both pieces of video were captured while the home was vacant from 4:30am
till approximately 5:15am
Below we have posted only some of the evps
captured this evening along with suggestions of what
we believe we are hearing.
Empty House - Falling and Rolling
Come Back
Banging and Footsteps - Empty House
Get Out