Case 21 - Anonymous
Allentown   PA
Details of the case:
We were contacted back in the summer of 2011 to possibly investigate an electrical contractors business
to see what was going on. There were claims of voices and whispers, a person in a white t-shirt, as well as
shadow people  being seen on a few occasions. Lights flickering, doors slamming, and finding dimes in
places that there was nothing before. (this is called aport)  But before setting a date for the investigation
they had decided to change their mind because they didn't want to lose their professional image. But
because things kept happening and came more frequently they called us back to do the investigation.
Investigation date:
    July 19th 2013
Weather conditions:
    Hot and humid with a thunderstorm rolling through mid evening.
Personal experiences:
  *  A cold breeze was felt behind two investigators during an EVP session. The AC was on at the time
but the vents were across the room and we don't think the air current was strong enough to reach the
investigators at the time. This room was one of the hot spots of the claims.

  * An investigator felt a tap on her hand while doing an EVP session. This was the same hot spot as above

  * One of the investigators felt as if something was standing right behind her, other two investigators in
the room agreed because that part of the room just seemed to get very "dark" and solid. Again this was the
same "hot spot" as above.

  * The strangest experience was had by 3 investigators that were in what we call the warehouse. We
were walking around the warehouse and it seemed we would walk into some kind of energy an it would then
move to another place in the warehouse until we would find it . Again it would move to another spot in the
warehouse until we would again find i. It really felt like we where playing hid and seek.  (There was a strange
sound caught on a recording during this time.)       
Listen for the strange noise right after investigator says " I'm standing in it".
                        All of these where recorded in the spots where the claims of activity happened.     
                                Using headphones makes in easier to hear some of these recordings.
This was caught while were setting up. We where trying to open the plastic
cover on an overhead light so we could turn the light bulb off. We caught
Breaths that weren't ours
The spirits where trying to tell us they didn't like something or someone but
they ran out of energy. We hear "I don't Like".. We do hear something after
the word "like" but we aren't sure what is being said..
The spirits asked us politely to leave. We hear "Please get out"
Seems we were bothering the spirits that evening and they wanted us to stop.
We hear "Bugging me"
During one of our conversations we were talking about how someone  handled
their diabetes sugar intake and the spirit repeated the word "Doughnut"
There are a few more EVP's but because we want to keep the client anonymous, they will remain
We thank you for understanding their privacy.
    ABE Paranormal has caught enough evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity for this
location, but because nothing was caught on video, we won't say it's haunted at this time.
We are hoping to return in the future to capture the evidence needed.