Case 17 - The Newburg Inn
Nazareth, PA
Story/Details of the case:
The Newburg Inn has been an established landmark since 1750 sitting on the land that was once
owned by William Penn and served as an Indian Trading Post as well as a Stagecoach Stop. Lou
Basta who is the current owner for the past 13 years, has had many of his own paranormal
experiences over the years and welcomes paranormal investigations at this historic location.

ABE Paranormal was contacted  through the Lafayette College byTess Delbyck, JJ Houldin and
Sean Ryon who were working on short films and asked if we would assist them as their project piece
of the Paranormal. We welcomed the idea and have posted their final piece for your viewing. Special
thanks to Tess, JJ and Sean for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm in this field of the un-
known. They placed in second and their passion in their work will lead them all into brighter futures.
We wish them well on their future endeavors.

Claims of Activity
  • Indian reportedly hanged in the rafters of the attic
  • Apparition of a former owner has been seen by the name of Newt.
  • The roof of the building still holds the Indian hatch which was used to pick off approaching
  • Ouija board experiments over the last 10 years performed in the attic
  • Apparition of a man roams the front of the building
  • Voices of a child are heard in the hall way upstairs
  • Footsteps and shadows throughout

Investigation Date
Personal Experiences
One of our investigators was in the back dining room and described her experience as "walking
through a cob web" Throughout the hour we remained in this room she also stated that she felt her
right arm, hand and leg tingling. When she asked whoever was in the room with her to come closer to
our equipment to document this on video, ABE Paranormal received a response on our K2 meter
twice which we were able to capture on the video posted above.

Video Evidence
1 piece of video footage

EVP Evidence (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
ABE Paranormal will only post our suggestions of what we believe to hear. As always, your
suggestions are welcome.

                                                                           This evp was captured in the front dining room. You will
hear our investigators talking and overtop of us we hear a male voice which we believe to be saying
"Enough of that"

                                                                          This audio clip coincides with the personal experience of
one of our investigators as mentioned above. She was asked how she was feeling and as she replied
we hear a voice again we believe to be male say something about a chair. Possibly "Get off the chair"

                                                                          All investigators were in other rooms near by however left
an idle recorder at what we labeled as the waitress station. Again, this was running idle and there were
no investigators near this station. We believe we may be hearing "I'm with Jesus or I'm with Gene"

                                                                           Another recording at the waitress station, faintly in the
background you can hear us investigating however; again what was captured was very close to the
recorder. We believe this to be saying "Cathy" hands down. When we presented this clip to Lou the
owner, he confirmed there is a waitress who works for him for many years by the name of "Cathy"

ABE Paranormal has confirmed paranormal activity and has suggested a return investigation to
further document. Visit the
Newburg Inn's Website.