Case 16 - The Farmhouse
Lehigh Valley, PA
Story/Details of the case:
It is said that the original owner built this home in 1813. At this time he purchased 200 acres of land.
Later the property was divided into smaller farms. After the owners death, his first son took the farm over
for his father. Several more generations of this family continued to live in the home and maintain the
subdivided property.

Claims of Activity
  • Numerous EVP's, captured by home owners mother in law. Not all have been confirmed by ABE
    Paranormal at this point  however; many of them are clear and audible and confirmed as voices
  • Doors closing on their own. No one has witnessed this first hand, just state they close the doors at
    night and the next day they are open
  • Temperature fluctuations noted by a woman who was brought in to assist the family and used what
    she had told the family was pendulum. Temps reached as low as 70 degrees when avg temp was 78.
    During her experiment, the temp reached as high as 144 degrees however; no one present in the
    room felt that degree of temp
  • Battery drainage multiple times during the evp sessions performed by mother in law and her
  • Shadows seen on the property grounds by more than one person, not in the home itself
  • Footsteps heard one evening when entering the home. Full moon was confirmed the night of this
  • Home owners  3 month old will not enter the building without crying
  • Past tenants claimed to have heard voices, footsteps and experienced unexplainable activity while on
    the premises

Other facts
  • This estate was later sold in the 1960's to a family of no relation
  • In the late 70's or early 80's the estate was again sold to another individual whom later passed in or
    around 1992-1993
  • Current owners purchased in 1998
  • The current owners rented this property to an Attorney and his wife who later shot himself with a
    357 in the stomach in his bedroom while renting the property
  • Both the attorney and his wife spoke of spirits in the home to the current owners. They said they
    were harmless however experienced the following: Voices, Footsteps, Knocking on the door (no  
    one ever seen)
  • Visitors of this home also stated they have seen and heard things they cannot explain

Investigation Date
Personal Experiences
Our entire team of 5 throughout the entire evening did not experience anything out of the normal. At one
point in the evening there was a loud bang which we determined came from the attic, once inspected, it
turned out to be a screen that was placed in one of the windows to allow some air flow to the attic. The
winds picked up due to the storm that rolled through that evening and the screen was not secure which in
turn blew over and hit the floor. All investigators made the comment that they felt very comfortable in all
rooms. Attic’s and basements are always creepy and can give off a different vibe however; they too felt as
comfortable as an attic and basement can offer.

The sensitives we brought in prior to the investigation had picked up on a few things substantial to the
claims with no prior knowledge which was mentioned to the homeowners however; we did not collect any
evidence to support their experiences, therefore; we cannot base our findings solely on feelings and will
base our determination on the data collected and evidence to support exclusively, which will be discussed
in full detail step by step.

Video Evidence/EMF Readings-(Video to be added soon!)
Our entire team uses instruments to measure the EMF fields in a home to rule out normal         
explanations as to what the homeowners could be experiencing. EMF stands for Electro Magnetic
Fields. There are many reasons you could get high reading in a home anywhere from improperly grounded
wires throughout the home to electrical appliances used within the home that throw out these frequencies
such as microwaves, clock radio’s etc.

The readings throughout this home were steady in every room from 00.0 milligauss to 00.3 milligauss. We
used a circuit tester and EMF meter and found that all the wiring was well grounded and properly
installed.  We had absolutely no fluctuations within any room at any time we were investigating throughout
the entire evening. and since the home was not occupied at the time of investigation, there were no
interruptions from electrical appliances.

At the end of the evening, all investigators gathered into what we labeled as the kids room. In this room
towards the end of our session before we were ready to pack up, we got a hit on our K2 meter. We didn’t
have an EMF detector in the room at the time to get an accurate reading however; the K2 flashed all the
way to red, this means the reading in that room at the time would have been 20.0+ milligauss. There was
absolutely no reason the meter should have gone off except interferance from our radios or walkie talkies
which we did'nt use in this room since we were all present. It flashed in the 20.0+ range 4 times fast,
unfortunately; this was not captured on our mini dv however; when asked if anyone was present in the room
with us to please move in front of the device again, it again flashed two more times fast and we were able
to capture that onto video.

It is a theory that when you can rule out any interference as to the natural causes of high emf readings in a
home that a spirit will use the energy (our energy) in a room to manifest which could be in the form of
communicating or showing itself in either a shadow form to full figure.

Is what we captured evidence? Because we can rule out all natural causes and had absolutely no
interference the entire evening, we have to call this a paranormal experience and will not rule out the
possibility that this may have been some form of communication or manifestation of a spirit in the home and
must submit it as evidence.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
ABE Paranormal received an abnormal amount of evps during our investigation. We are very careful to
mark every little movement or sound we make through the entire evening to rule out contamination later
during our review. The clients mother in law was invited and present during this investigation and also
brought her own voice recorder. Collectively between all voice recorders used that evening we received a
total of 31 evps. All evp’s in question were analyzed. After careful review we were able to classify
11 of
the voices captured as class A or B and an additional 6 as class C. We revealed all classes of evps to the
homeowner however; ABE Paranormal will not use or suggest using class C as evidence and will not post
the class C on our website which leaves the remaining 11 submitted as evidence.

The evps captured will title our suggestions only.


                                                                    " Come Here"

                                                                    We believe we hear " Come Here Right Now"

Ground floor

                                                                    Not sure if the reply is "Thats Wrong" or "Thats Right"

Second Floor - Kids Room





Second Floor - Master Bedroom

                                                                    "Can you hear it"


Second Floor - Spare Bedroom

                                                                               "Do I hear you?"

                                                                               "Do you love me?"

Paranormal Activity is confirmed at this location, ABE Paranormal hopes to be able to revisit this estate
at a later time.   
Second Investigation 11/6/2009

ABE Paranormal returned to perform a second investigation. Below are two evp's captured that evening. We are
returning on 12/2/2009 for a full moon investigation and will be leaving all of our equipment run the entire evening. Stay
tuned for those results.

                                                                                             Two female investigators speaking and then we believe to be hearing...
                                                                                             "Wow, Thats Crazy"


ABE Paranormal again re-visit this location on 12/3/2009 which was an evening of a full moon. We
stayed for a few hours and then left all of our equiptment for the entire evening. Click the link below to
see our findings... we welcome your comments and suggestions.

                                                                           Investigation 12/3/2009 "FULL MOON"