Case 15 - Spirit of a Fireman
Lehigh Valley, PA
Story/Details of the case:
ABE Paranormal was called in to investigate a local firehouse. The building was established in 1911 and has always been a
firehouse.  This case is to remain confidential.

Claims of Activity    
  • Doors are heard opening and closing
  • Office chair is heard rolling around on the second floor when no one is there and all are in the basement of the
  • The Captain dozed off at his desk late one night, he was waken up by someone shaking him to discover no-one was
  • Footsteps are heard when in the basement on the top floor, again; no one is present

Investigation Date
Personal Experiences

Video Evidence

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EMF Readings.
Normal with no abnormal fluctuations    
We were unable to capture anything paranormal in the form of video or audio the evening we were present. The night was
very comfortable and our investigators did not have any personal experiences however; we were not able to debunk the
claims either. The client was advised to keep a journel going forward and to stay in touch.