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Our approach to every investigation is from a scientific point of
view. We attempt to find every logical explanation of paranormal
activity using professional audio, video and electronic equipment.  
The entire investigation will be documented and if any evidence is
captured, it will be copied and presented to you at the reveal for
you to keep along with our determination based on the evidence
captured and the theories in this field.

We are located in the Lehigh Valley!
ABE Paranormal investigates primarily in the Allentown,
Bethlehem and Easton area as well as western New Jersey.

Please contact us anytime! We will let you know if we are able to
travel to your area and will make every attempt to do so.  We look
forward to hearing from you.
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We want to thank everyone
we have met, worked with,
learned from and grew with
along the way. Without
their knowledge, personal
experiences and strength,
ABE Paranormal would
not have been possible.
We are a confident,
professional and very
strong group of
investigators and take all
claims very seriously. We
continue educating
ourselves everyday in this
field of theories, personal
beliefs and
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